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How to win at pokies in 2021?

How to win at online slots
If you want to win at online pokies systematically (on a regular basis), you need a strategy that should be followed. First of all, you should understand that the pokie is a game with a negative mathematical expectation of winning for the punter.

Even if an online casino has only 5%, 3% or even 2% in advantage, it wouldn't be profitable for a player on a long distance. In other words, you will lose your money for sure if you play for a long time (month, year). On the other hand, on a short distance (day, week) you can see the positive result, especially if you hit a big winning. But if you play for a long time without a special strategy, you cannot win. In fact, of a negative mathematical expectation of winning, you should use hidden data of online pokies, that will increase chances of hitting a big winning.

I would also like to draw your attention to the following. What are you playing for? If you attempt to earn money - this is one thing, but if it's for fun - it is entirely different. In the second case, you don't need any unique winning strategy. It is like buying a ticket to the zoo or a movie. Usually, punters come to the online casino to win money.

The strategy of playing at online pokies

A gambler's problem is that they play not systematically, and they do not follow any rules. But with the help of strategies and hidden data you can save a significant part of your bankroll, and possibly even earn in the future. Learn more about winning at pokies:


The bankroll at pokies
The first thing you need to do is to understand what kind of bankroll you need. A bankroll is the amount of money that you will use only for gambling. You do not spend it on buying goods, paying bills or anything else. This is a reserve of funds, fulfilling one single goal: it is a wallet for depositing and withdrawing money from the online casino. How to identify the needed amount of money in the bankroll?

Everything depends on the bets you make. If you play via small stakes - you need less money. If via medium stakes and high-rolling - Much more, if you are an average gambler and do not bet more than $5 per spin. We recommend that you have at least 1,000 total bets in your bankroll ($5000).

So, if you play $1 per spin, you will need $1,000 - $3,000. Why so much? Because in pokies it is very easy to tilt and lose everything.

RTP (return to player percentage)

Let's say you already chose the bet to gamble. Next, you need to select the pokie. The highlights:

Dispersion, the cycle of winning and volatility

Some of the pokies have high dispersion and volatility. And this is good. The increase in volatility increases the potential of getting a big win. To win a lot, you need to take risks. We suggest you check out the following articles:


The average bet
So, we have a bankroll and good pokies with high dispersion and volatility. How much to bet in per single spin? It depends on the hidden data of each pokie. How often (statistically) the bonus feature triggers, what is the length of the winning cycle and what volatility this pokie has? Check out the following articles to decide:

Stop loss

Stop loss
Stop-loss - this is the amount losing which you must stop the game. Everyone has its meaning. A good rule of the game will be to risk no more than 10% of your bankroll in one gaming session. It is better not more than 5%. Moreover, even better - no more than 1%. The more conservative, the better it is, and the longer you can play. For example, you have $2,000 in your bankroll. For each game session, you take $200 with you and play for $0.5, that is, you have at least 400 bets. Usually, this is enough to withstand all variances of the dispersion, but once you decide to play an excellent, but the eating pokie - say, at Dead or Alive pokie. You start losing $100, then $150, and then $200. THAT'S ALL!

It is time to finish the game session! As soon as you reach your stop loss, stop immediately. Therefore, you will save a lot of money. No temptation "a couple more spins," "twist to a round number," "is about to give," "must pour," etc. The pokie does not owe anything to anyone! Everything, with this pokie, is finished. You can play in another pokie or start the next day again. Also, you can establish oneself a lath for losing per day, rather than for a game session. The rules here are the same. Lost $100 from $1,000? For today is enough, the end of the game.

Risk game

Forget about risking. Never risk if you want to keep your bankroll. More precisely, the risk of the game can be applied only if the win amount is small - $5 or $10, because it does not influence your bankroll in any way. The main problem is that in most cases such bonus spins are designed to increase the casino's advantage. In those cases, most likely, you have less than 50% of the winning. If the pokie gives good money prizes, then you wouldn't need to risk even more.

You have already taken a risk. And even more, so you don't need to risk and play in the old pokies such as Novomatic. Most often this will be a copy of the original game (emulator) so the probability of winning will be even less (significantly).

Stop win

Stop win is an antipode stop loss. You can come up with any other name - for example, stop profit or something else. This function is available in most modern pokies when you are playing in the auto mode. You can specify the exact value of the win, for example, $ 100, and at this value, the game will be automatically stopped. Why is this done? Then the pokie cannot constantly give the cash rewards. Losses will replace the winnings, and the last will be much more. Therefore, you need to establish a boundary for yourself, after which the game ends. Let's say that in your bankroll is $ 3,000, and you bet $ 1, take with you $ 300.

What should be winning to finish the game session? As a rule, everything that is above 20-30% of the amount is already good. In our case, this is $ 60-90. In other words, if you increased your active account by 20-30%, you can already finish the game. Yes, it may seem insignificant, but you think about such winnings over a long period - a month, a year. Gradually, everything is turning into a decent income. However, much depends on the opinion of the punter.

Regarding mathematics, 20-30% is already good, but the man may not agree. This is subjective. Someone will set a goal in 50% or 100%. By the way, here it is important for you to understand that the greater the desired profit, the more difficult it is to achieve and the higher the chance of losing the entire account.

Reduce the bets when you lose

You can play the same bet all the time. In my opinion, it is quite boring. Besides, it is not ideal for bankroll management. Ideally, you will need to REDUCE the bet if there are significant losses. So, you can save your bankroll much longer. For example, you have $1,000 in your bankroll, you play $1, and you have already lost $90. Most likely, in this situation, you are approaching your stop loss.

So why don't you reduce the bet by half and play $0.5? Forget about Martingale and other nonsense. To increase the stake during the lingering losses will eventually lead to even more significant losses. Turn the reel to $0.5 and see what happens next. If there are losses again, then you can safely stop on the stop loss. If there is not, then you will have a chance to restore the current account and then a little later return to the usual bets.

Increase the bet with winning

There is another option - an increase in the active bet after a big winning. We do not recommend doing so, but in some cases, it is mathematically justified. For example, you took 10% of your bankroll ($200) and played $1. You are lucky, and the pokie gives x200 ($ 200), you increased the account by 100%, wherein your stop win is 50% ($100). It turns out that you have any free $100. In this situation, you can risk and twist for $2 or $3 up to some value - for example, to $350 from $400. It does not work. I believe that there is nothing to worry about here. You could afford such a risk. Maybe, if it does, you will win much more than your usual winnings.

Random number generator

For a successful game in the pokies, you also need to understand the role of the random number generator. Most important you should know that not every new spin depends on the previous spin. This means that all these theories about "hot pokies", about the fact that after a big winning the pokie does not give the winnings, and so on - such theories are at least questionable, and as a maximum at the base of being wrong (and this is most likely).

The pokie does not know itself whether you won or not in the previous poke, it only receives a set of digits from the RNG and visualises the information on the screen. So, forget about all kinds of the patterns (in the spirit of "if I click on Max Bet, the pokie will launch the winning scheme, but if I just click on Spin - then nothing will happen"), all sorts of "tricks" which you are trying to deceive the pokie. They will not work. Alas. You can only accept the conditions we are forced to do and try to minimise costs.


So, let's summarise. You must have a large bankroll to play in the pokies. It is desirable to have several thousand bets. You must collect a small pool of pokies - about 10 pieces or more. You need to study them thoroughly, understand how they work, what are their percentage of the return of made bets and the dispersion of winnings. What are their weaknesses and strengths? Then you should understand how much you would need for each game session based on the active bet and time of the game. Ideally, the punter should not risk more than 5% of the bankroll in one session. Also, you need to be able to stop.

And not only during the loss but during the winnings. As for me, the winnings, probably, are even more dangerous - because they wildly soften the game. A gambler will hardly stop when the pokie "gives you winnings". But without this, you cannot talk about the working strategy. All of the above is just the basics that can develop your tasks, thoughts, observations and rules. We want to tell you one more thing: never risk that you are afraid of losing. This rule is followed in all areas related to risk. And even more so in pokies.

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