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Pandora`s Box slot

Pandora`s box slot by NetEnt takes us back to ancient Greece. Playing with Gods, you can touch the history of this highly-dispersive slot with free spins and two kinds of Wild symbols. On this page, you can start the demo version of this slot machine for free without registration. RTP is 95.1%. The maximum win per single spin can reach up to 120,000 coins.

Personal testers opinion about Pandoras Box slot

This is an unremarkable slot machine with low RTP. Playing is boring. The return cycle is slow. During free games, it raises quite well due to the increased winning. If free spins fell out and the slot gave a large (regarding the bet) payout, then it will be worth stopping here. Pandora's box was shunted down by Netent in 2016 due to critically low popularity among gamblers and boring game-play.

The hidden parameters and settings of Pandoras Box slot (data from testing)

Description of Pandora`s box slot machine

The mythical Pandora is a beautiful woman, created by Zeus the Thunder, and received a soul from his militant daughter of Athena. For sure it is unknown why, but according to legend, Zeus, releasing Pandora to Earth, endowed her with such a vice as excessive curiosity and, giving a small casket as a gift, strictly forbade him to open it. Very soon Pandora, unable to cope with her emotions overwhelm, opened the coveted box yet, and in a moment of it flew all the ills and misfortunes that man can only experience. Frightened by what she has done, the woman slammed the lid, but it was too late, but at the bottom of the casket remained locked only hopes. That`s an interesting story that came to us from the pages of Greek mythology. However, developing Pandora`s Box, the NetEnt team is predicting a disaster, but only gives gamblers hope to win.


Legends and ancient tales quite often occur on the screens of the slots, but here, players will meet with the machine for the first time. Creating Pandora`s Box, the developers, without hesitation, took as a basis the Greek style, highlighting the screen and lines of reels with slender, gracefully carved columns. The gilded carving passing at the top of the slot machine and the sculptures of the ancient gods, twined with evergreen ivy, resemble drawings on Greek fresco, taking the player from reality into the distant past.

Discreet colours are effectively shaded by clear lines of images that, beckoning with undisclosed secrets, induce you to go on the game. Such original design rarely boasts slots of other developers. Music is not inferior to the graphics. Pure sounds, issued by long-forgotten musical instruments, tender melodic transfusions and lyric sound - all these are suitable perfectly into the Greek theme of the slot machine.


  • This is a 5 reels and 20 pay lines slot machine.
  • Coins are used as bets, costing from cents to dollars, and up to 4 such coins can be put on one line at a time. The winning will depend on the number of active lines, which can also be changed here.
  • The maximum bet is 80 dollars.
  • The RTP of the slot is 95.1%.
  • The maximum win per spin can be up to 120,000 coins.
  • At Pandora`s Box slot, you will not only get free games with a multiplier of 3 but, with a successful arrangement of certain symbols, there is a chance to get the biggest winning, which can reach 120,000 coins, as figures hint at the bottom right of the screen.

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