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Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot

Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot
The science-fiction movie that is called “Tron” came out on our screens in 1982. It was the first movie, in which a lot of computer graphics were widely used. People created background elements, motorcycles and other special effects with the help of this device. The movie contains about 20 minutes of pure graphics, where the main heroes are combined with the painted ones.

So, the developers from the NetEnt company was inspired and created Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot. During your game process, there will be robots that will rise and will move to 5 reels in one of these secret laboratories. They give out winnings on 20 fixed pay lines. For example, Red Droid will pay out 5000 coins. By the way, all these robots go by stripes, and wild symbols can completely occupy one of the reels anytime. This year, the online slot will be released on December 11, so you will find out more detailed information immediately after the machine's release.

Review and recommendations by our testing team

  • NetEnt’s Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot, it’s not a copy this time but a novelty in the full sense of the word. In this slot, the developer released a completely simple and understandable slot with six growth symbols and a random triggering of a feature that replaces robots of one or several colours with wild symbols.
  • In the usual spins, the slot sometimes makes quite a long series of spins without the win, but it can also trigger а whole series of spins with a win. The average winning (without triggering the bonus feature) ranges from 1x to 10x bets, and less often winnings of smaller or larger values. There is a potential to get the big win, and in theory, the slot is able to trigger the combination of up to 600x total bets, but in my opinion, the real potential of the slot is much lower, and you should not expect more than 200x in the usual spins. At the same time, the chance to get the win even in 200x bets is extremely low. Of course, we are interested in the bonus feature, in which we should expect a big win.
  • So, during the bonus feature, one or several robot colours are replaced with wild symbols, and in theory, the slot is able to give a full screen of these symbols, which will bring the player a win in the amount of 1000x total bets. The feature is triggered randomly, and it is worth noting that it is quite often, in a series of 3 - 4 times in a row, with intervals between a series of 50 - 80 spins (on average). Of course, in most features, only 1 - 2 colours of robots are replaced, which as a rule, brings minimum wins up to 15x, or does not give out the payment combination at all. Replacing three colours of robots brings an average winning of 30x – 80x total bets, and according to our statistics, sometimes they also give out combinations without any win at all. Replacing 4 - 5 colours of robots, almost guaranteed to bring the winning of several hundred bets, and 6 robots, respectively, 1000x bets.
  • Bonus games, as well as free spins, are missing in this slot.

While playing, I personally have a strong feeling that something is missing, and, in my opinion, is the poor chance to release the full potential. About the game with bonus money, I personally would leave neutral recommendations, since the slot is not stable, and often is negative in a long-distance, or compensate for the losses sometimes, but anyway it required a big reserve of bet balance. Similar recommendations for playing with real money, only short gaming sessions are recommended before receiving a series of bonus features, and you may be lucky to get the win of several hundred bets from the beginning.

Personal tester’s opinion

At this time, the company Netent decided to “cheat” themselves. There are no bonus games, the payouts are small, despite the fact that there are only 20 lines. Yes, they have something similar, Wars Spice slot, but it’s a completely different thing with more interesting gameplay and higher winnings. Here, next to the playing field there is a device, and when it lights up on its display you can see what colour the robots will be turned into Wild symbols.

There are only 7 robots in the slot, and Wild O Tron (the machine) can turn 6 of them into wilds at once. Honestly, for 2000 spins, the maximum that I saw was the transformation of 4 robots from 7 into wild symbols at once, and even then I won about 30x total bets. So, decide for yourself to play or not, the slot personally did not catch me.

Alternative testers review

This online slot is not typical for its developer, that's why a lot of people are looking forward to playing it. There aren't any familiar symbols, such as 10, J, Q, K, A at this slot. The developer preferred the symbols in the form of robots. The provider didn't add any bonus features, but here some of the symbols can be turned to Wilds ones. So, in theory, the slot is going to replace all these robots with wild symbols, and then, it will give out a screen full of the wild symbol. In my opinion, a lot of players appreciate these things, even despite such low payments of this combination. My prediction is that after its release this slot is going to attract our attention and then quickly lose popularity and won't stay in the top positions.


  • Size - 5x3;
  • Lines - 20 (always active);
  • RTP (return to player percentage) is 96.01%;
  • Volatility - average;
  • The maximum winning is unknown.

Bonus feature

Feature Wild o Tron is triggered randomly. Next to the reels is the “wild o Tron” machine, it starts working and can turn from 1 to 6 robots (there are only 7 robots in the slot) into wild symbols. The display is showing what colour of robots will turn.

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Written by Yana Sliusar
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