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Zombies slot

Zombies slot
Zombie! Flesh-eating monsters all over the place! If you can run - run because the longer you survive, the more coin you will win. NetEnt launches Zombies slot as we see the return of the dead to life and combines features such as wild substitutions, Random Wild, and the free spin mode.  If you like to watch horror, shuddering surprise at the appearance of another monster, the bloodthirsty zombie characters emulator will not scare you.

But be very careful because a single bite will turn you into a zombie too. The RTP of the machine is 97.2%, and the maximum amount that a gambler can win in a single spin is up to 100,000 coins. At the top of this page, you can play the demo of this slot without registration.

Personal testers opinion about Zombies slot

The slot has a long return cycle, but 97.2% allows you to use it to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning. The frequency of triggering the free spins feature is equal to 0.94% (statistically, every 106th spin). 20% of the total fund is paid in the feature. Zombies slot has the wagering rating of 5.97 from 10 and the probability to hit any winning in the next spin is 29.76%. This machine is good, but last years have low popularity that making an influence on the filling total prize pool of winnings. Try to determine the mood of the machine with the random wild feature. If it fits good - increase bets and continue playing. If no - switch it to another one.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

Zombies is an exciting slot both with graphics and gameplay.

  • In the main game, the slot is not very stable, but maintains a good balance, by giving out some small winnings same as the bet, then doesn’t give out anything, and then triggers a very expensive combination.
  • This slot gives free spins feature in a series with a high frequency, with a small interval between the free spins and a big interval between the series; meaning the slot for 100-200 spins does not give any free spins feature, and then give a few it in series.
  • The bonus feature in Zombies slot consists of two parts:
    1. Killing a zombie is a fixed winning of several values within several bets. This game is activated before every free spin.
    2. Free spins - 5 free spins are given with a growing multiplayer. The maximum multiplier is x10.
  • The first part of the bonus feature gives a fixed total win up to 20x bets. As for the free spins, their potential is big. The top line with an x10 multiplier will give a huge win, but such a combination is not often triggered and, usually, good combinations are given with a lower multiplier. Nevertheless, the total winning bonus features usually do not disappoint and are at least 60x - 80x total bets, but often, it is more.
  • We would recommend playing the slot with real money, but with a high bet balance. When playing for the bonus money, we would give neutral recommendations, since the slot’s behaviour is not unique, but if there is enough bet balance, it will be fine.

Netent declares the following probabilities

  • The total percentage of the payments (RTP) in the slot is 97.2%. It consists of 74.2% that is paid during usual spins and 23% that is paid during the free spins feature.
  • The probability of getting three scatter symbols and launching free spins - 0.68%.
  • The probability of getting any win (hit) during the usual spins is 30.5% (at the time of free spins is 42.6%).
  • The maximum possible winning is 100 000 coins.

Hidden parameters and settings of Zombies slot (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering of the bonus free spins feature is statistically every 106th spins (0,94%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 29,76%.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 80% in the usual spins and 20% in the bonus free spins feature.
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 113x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 35x.
  • Volatility is 5,92 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 5,97 out of 10.
  • RTP of 97.2% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Description of the slot machine

The abandoned hotel lobby is huge, stretching up to the stairs with broken glasses. If to add some, there are faint pierces of gloomy light, and terrible sounds accompany all this - a more suitable location for a meeting with Zombies. But the gambler will probably wait for the bloodstains since their appearance accompanies every winning spin.


  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of pay lines - 20 (always active)
  • Number of coins per line - 10
  • Cost of the same coin - from 0.01 to 1.0
  • The range of the size of bets - from 0.20 to 200
  • Maximum winning - 100,000 coins.
  • The biggest payout for 5 symbols — x1000 (Chainsaw)
  • Wild symbol - yes (Bloody inscription starts several additional options)
  • Scatter - yes (Flask with a spider)
  • Free spins - yes (5 free spins from scatter, a multiplier to up x10 is available)
  • The additional bonus feature - yes (random wilds feature that can be triggered on every spin).
  • The expected payout percentage (RTP) - 97.2%

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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